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My QuiltCon Block Entry

Just in time!  I submitted my QuiltCon block entry TODAY.  Measuring 12.5″ x 14.5″, I created a Rectangular Log Cabin Block that utilizes six of the QuiltCon logo colors:  White, Coal, Tangerine, Chartreuse, Lemon, and Turquoise all in Kona Cotton solids.

A traditional Log Cabin block begins with a red or yellow center square (called the “hearth”) with strips or “logs” pieced around it in varying light and dark values.  According to, the alternating values represent the sunny and shady sides of a home.  In addition, most Log Cabin quilts are composed of multiple blocks arranged to produce secondary patterns and are foundation-pieced for precision and stability.

Reflecting those traditions, my machine pieced rectangular Coal colored center, surrounded by Tangerine, emulates the warmth from the hearth of a home.  But the alternating width of the logs in light and dark values adds a modern element to a timeless block.

This is my first quilt challenge entry and the blocks that have been submitted thus far are all AMAZING!  Sneak a peak at the QuiltCon Block Challenge flickr group.

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