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Wonky Patchwork: Nine Patch

In searching the blog world for November’s wonky block tutorial, I discovered the Nine Patch.  This classic block in its most basic form consists of nine equal squares, arranged three rows across and three rows down.  Early block designs allowed frugal quilters to use very small scraps of fabric and were often made from pieces of left over cloth or cut from old worn-out clothes.

The Nine Patch Quilt was a favorite among quilters and was often used for utilitarian purposes.  Consequently, many of the historically preserved quilts are unfortunately dilapidated from use.  But the first known and dated Nine Patch Quilts were made at the beginning of the nineteenth century and they are still a popular form of quilt making today.  In fact, because of its simplicity, my very first quilt was a hand pieced, hand quilted traditional Nine Patch.  So, it is of no surprise that the modern quilt world has created a Wonky Nine Patch Block.

Wonky Nine Patch

5″x5″ Wonky Nine Patch Blocks

Both Jen Eskridge and Elizabeth Hartman have a Wonky Nine Patch Block tutorial via their blogs that are simple, fast, and easy.  As you can see, Jen’s blocks are more traditional looking in nature while Elizabeth’s blocks have a more modern composition.  Enjoy!

Wonky 9-Patch Quilt by Jen Eskridge of Reanne Lily Designs

Crazy Nine Patch Quilt

Crazy Nine Patch Lattice Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson!

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